Avoid Wedding Dress Stress With These 4 Tips!

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue – oh, forget all that jazz! Those are mere accessories – we all know the star wedding day feature every bride-to-be obsesses over is the DRESS!

From the time that she’s a little girl, almost every woman dreams of the frock she will wear when it’s her turn to walk down the aisle. Yet when the time finally arrives to find said dress, all the style decisions she finds herself confronted with can be truly overwhelming. Will it be an elaborate show-stopper, or something simple? A-line, or trumpet? Modern, or vintage? With sleeves, or sleeveless?

Knowing that all eyes will be firmly focused on her throughout the day only adds to the pressure to make the PERFECT selection.

Take a breath and relax – wedding dress shopping can be a joy with the right approach. Start out by following the 4 simple tips below, and you’ll be off to a great stress-free start in the search for your very own dream gown:

1. Nail down a budget: Some may say this spoils the fun, but without a realistic number in mind you’re just wasting time and energy. Ruling out dresses above your price limit helps narrow down selections (trying on can get exhausting, ladies) – and it also ensures that you won’t fall hopelessly in love with a dress, only to be heart broken when you discover a monster price-tag!

2. Be true to your style: Your Mom wants you to go for a Kate Middleton. Your friend thinks you should go for a Kate Upton. Truthfully, you don’t like either. Whatever you do, don’t let yourself get bullied into choosing a dress that you’re not feeling. Remember that it’s YOUR big day, and the only way you’re going to really shine from within is if you choose a dress that speaks to YOU! So make sure whoever you take along to shop with is a great support – not a steamroller.

3. Don’t be stuck on one style: Although you may have decided you want your dress to look exactly like Meghan Markle’s, you might be frustrated to discover that anything remotely similar looks AWFUL on you! Rather than stubbornly pursuing a specific look, allow the storekeeper to make other suggestions, and be sure to try them all on – you might suddenly discover that a look you would never have considered is the stunner you’ve dreamed of.

4. Don’t try to conquer Rome in a day: Possibly the number one way of preventing wedding dress stress is to start shopping WELL in advance. Most wedding planners advise shopping for your dress a good 9 to 12 months ahead of the wedding date. Why so far ahead? It’s due to the fact that most wedding gowns are custom made, and often require many alterations before the big day.

Just remember that you may have to shop many stores, and many days before you find the right dress. It’s a good idea to limit the amount of time you spend each day that you shop so that you don’t become exhausted or defeated by the process.

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5 Wedding Cake Alternatives Your Guests Will Love

As much as wedding guests love a classic wedding cake, wouldn’t you love to see the surprise on their faces when you let them know you did not plan for one?

Oh yes! There are unique and yummy alternatives to the wedding cake you can dazzle your beloved guest with. The last one is not even a dessert.


Montreal Wedding Boutique

5. The Ferrero Rocher Tower

I bet unless you are allergic to chocolate or nuts, Ferrero products like Nutella are probably on your top 10 “best things ever” list.

Like you, many of your guests will feel the same way. So why not spoil them with a tower they will soon not forget?

There are actually different alternatives to the Ferrero Rocher dessert. The creative pastry chef can decide to present an over-sized Ferrero Rocher shaped cake, or build a tower the guests can pick at throughout the evening.


Montreal Wedding Boutique

4. The Jello Shot Cake

Depending on the type of wedding you want, this dessert can be prepared with or without alcohol. The Jello Shot Cake is sure to surprise guests with its vibrant colors and fruity flavors. Each shot can also be topped off with white or colored whip cream. There is really so much you can do with a unique alternative like this one.

The great thing about this option is that it can appeal to adult and children alike, and maybe having two different versions, one with an alcohol base and one without will make ALL the guests happy.


Montreal Wedding Boutique

3. The Gourmet Doughnut Cake

This dessert is sure to meet everyone’s expectations. Think about it, a tower of gourmet doughnuts, different flavors and toppings that will satisfy everyone’s taste buds.

Besides the varied flavors, a creative pastry chef can really add a lot to a cake such as this one. Maybe with doughnuts topped with salty caramel, classic chocolate, fruit jams, and why not, even edible flowers.


Montreal Wedding Boutique

2. The Naked Cake

Don’t worry, despite the name it is not a sculpture, but rather a cake of your choosing without frosting, but with unlimited imagination.

These dessert alternatives at weddings are making quite a comeback. Remember grandma’s sponge cake? Well, picture a beautified version of one prepared by a specialized chef.

The Naked Cake often has a simple base of vanilla, lemon, or chocolate, layered with either Chantilly or whipped creams to perfection. The chef will not bother frosting it, but will dedicate precious hours to beautifying it with berries, chocolate shards, nuts, and whatever your heart desires. It will only be limited by your imagination.



Montreal Wedding Boutique

1. The Layered Cheesecake (It’s Not What You Think)

What comes to mind when you read Cheesecake? Well, this is quite the alternative. The world produces hundreds of different cheeses, in many shapes and sizes, so why not become creative and offer an option to the cheese loving bride and groom? This stacked tower of gourmet cheeses is a far-cry from what your wedding guests will be used to.

If you are not sure about this original version of a wedding cake remember, cheese “marries” well with sweet flavors. This “cake” can be served with a variety of specialty honeys and gourmet jams. Maybe, it can be served alongside other types of desserts. One thing is certain, it will be one-of-a-kind!

Desserts, Desserts, Desserts

Desserts are always a welcomed course at the end of every meal. Wedding guests look forward to seeing what the bride and groom have decided. A wedding cake is just as important as the first dance, so take your time and make sure to choose the option best suited to both your liking and your guests’.





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Wedding Prep 101: 11 Things Every Bride To-Be Must Do

Every married woman knows and understands the challenges of organizing the perfect wedding. An infinite list of dos and don’ts. Deciding with your finacé where and when the wedding should be held, the guest list…and more.

Begin by deciding if you will need help planning your dream day. Will you be taking on this majestic task on your own, or will you enlist the help of friends or a wedding planner?

This post will hopefully help the bride and groom-to-be put things into perspective and start a personal to-do list, ideally 6-8 months before the actual day.

Figure out your budget

Most brides dream of having the fairytale wedding, but the reality is many couples cannot afford all the frills. A perfect wedding is possible on a small budget, you just have to establish what that budget is and work from there. Traditionally, guests may contribute to the cost by giving money as a wedding gift.

Choose a date

Choosing a date and working towards realizing the perfect day leading up to that point is the next step. It’s is not as easy as it sounds because many things have to be taken into consideration: time-off work, availability of venues and important guests.

Choose and reserve venues for the ceremony and the reception

Number 2 and 3 may go hand in hand because the date can depend on the availability of the venues, but once this is done important factors have to be taken into consideration:

  • Ensuring the venue can also provide a rehearsal dinner
  • Is it easy for your guests to get to the venue?
  • Is there a hotel nearby you and your guests can stay at overnight?
  • Will the venue provide a catering service (ie wedding cake and desserts included)?
  • Will you have a religious or civil ceremony?

Prepare a guest list

Depending on your budget, the number of guests you choose to invite will vary. If the wedding is a traditional one, odds are, parents will have a lot to say about the invitees. If you have friends and family that have already organized a wedding, asking for their guest lists can help with a headache.


Life can be so busy these days, and once you have taken the time to prepare a guest list and set a date you will want people to know right away. Some have cards or fridge magnets prepared to mail off, but sometimes it is as simple as sending an email or a text. Other options can be doing it through an app, like this Save the Date App. Others may even set up wedding websites with all the info guests need to be aware of for the big event.

Choose your wedding party

Choosing the maid of honor and bride’s maids can be daunting. Perhaps less so for the groom in choosing the best man. For the bride, the choice is never easy. Will it be a sister, sister-in-law, or a best friend?

Will you have a registry?

Some truly underestimate the importance of a gift registry. Chances are you are no longer living with your parents, or are already living with your spouse-to-be. In this case, your home is already furnished. So unless you want to receive additional crystal cups and another set of plates you don’t need or like….please set up a registry. A good idea is to set up registries in at least 2 stores to give your guests a better choice.

Order, prepare and send out invitations

Like the save-the-date options, you can either send out traditional invitations through the mail or opt for an e-vite! Whatever option you choose will influence your budget, and e-vites can be really elegant and innovative as well.

Book all you need

  • Don’t wait too long before the big day to book hair and makeup appointments as you will definitely want to try beforehand what you like or don’t like.
  • You will also want to pick out flowers and decorations for the venues if the reception hall does not provide this service.
  • You should choose a wedding cake and party favors/welcome baskets for guests

Dresses and suits for the wedding party, bride, and groom

What is a wedding without a wedding dress? Tastes will vary of course, but you will still want to wear something truly special on that day. It is a much longer process than one would expect, and you may not find the perfect dress(es) at the first store you visit. You will also have to take into consideration fittings, and searching for the perfect accessories. Specialty boutiques like Boutique de Mariage Punta Chiara in Montreal can certainly help and will be more than happy to give the wedding party all the guidance they need in the process.

The honeymoon

Last but definitely not least is the ever so awaited honeymoon. There are many options to consider when planning a getaway, including if you want to have one at all. Some decide to take time off and simply enjoy their time at home for the first time as a married couple.  Others prefer planning the dream vacation and traveling to Europe or Asia for an extended time.  An alternative for many couples is organizing destination weddings and enjoying the after party with guests, by integrating their honeymoon in the process.

Organizing a wedding is not a simple task. There are a multitude of things to plan and consider. Planning ahead will reduce stress leading up to the wedding and ensure that every aspect runs just as you planned it.





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The Ultimate Sweet Table Inspirations

It is not the case for all weddings, but many banquets follow the meal with a full spread dessert table, some going as far as being described as “ultimate sweet table experiences”. Sweet tables often include the wedding cake but are certainly not limited to it. Recent more trendy options have presented guests with supremely decorated luxury cupcakes, jello designs, and anything sweet on a stick. The creative genius of pastry chefs, restaurateurs and event planners can be bountiful and unlimited.

How to break-down sweet table types? Classic to post-modern? By theme or Season? Let’s find out!
Let’s look at the most popular options in recent years

The classic sweet table

The classic sweet table will always have the wedding cake as the main attraction for guests, and the cake itself is probably the most anticipated part of the banquet. What theme have the bride and groom chosen? Who baked the cake? What flavor is it? It is a mystery until the very end…

A classic sweet table usually includes cupcakes, a variety of cookies, and perhaps chocolates, in theme with the cake itself. We’ve seen classic butter cookies in the shape of hearts or mini cakes, as well as cookies initialized with the names of the bride and groom; and how about those traditional rounded almond cookies with sprinkles? Always adding to the festive mood of the party…..

Classic sweet tables tend to be more subdued, and the colors chosen by the hosts are in-line with a more traditional and elegant setting.

Did you know that traditionally guests would contribute to the sweet table by bringing homemade desserts for the bride and groom, and in some cultures, this is still the case? This can certainly be an idea for a more rustic themed wedding! Having honored guests actively participating in one of the most highly awaited time of the banquet will surely make them feel special!


The modern sweet table

What is the main difference between the classic and the modern-type sweet table at a wedding banquet? Perhaps a little bit of spunk!
These are just a couple of ideas guests have to look forward to…

  • a colorful setting
  • candy options, including gummies and skewered candy presentations, set up as a candy bar
  • and why not…jello shots

The modern sweet table will have guests awing at its alternative dessert options and vibrant colors. It can be bold and bright, unique and enticing.
What follows modern?


The post-modern dessert table

What do you think of when you read “post-modern”? Do most people even know what it means? Today, the term postmodern is used to define a change in the way people think. So why not present the honored guests with alternative options to the common desserts they are used to? Give the sweet table a twist…

The post-modern dessert table is inspired by deconstruction, or more specifically, deconstructed desserts. Yup, get your guests to prepare their own favorite sweets by providing them with the ingredients and NOT the finished product.

Some options can include the deconstructed:

  • tiramisu (soft cookies, mascarpone cheese, coffee, chocolate shards)
  • parfait (yogurt, fresh and dried fruit, cereal, whip cream, edible flowers)
  • layered cake (different flavored cake layers, mixed toppings, mixed frosting)

This is certainly an original and fun way for guests to choose their favorite ingredients and come up with original alternatives to classic desserts. After all, who says you can’t add coffee to a parfait, or dried fruit to a tiramisu?


There are of course other ways a sweet table can be classified

Recent options have included themes inspired by pop culture. Tables have been influenced by shows like Game of Thrones, or Harry Potter, as well as taken example from Lego or Disney, for the young at heart.
Dessert tables can be color coordinated, set-up with flowers, or inspired by a Season. How amazing would a “winter wonderland” themed sweet table look? Or a “spring” table flooded with edible flowers guests can add to their dessert options?


There certainly are many options for a sweet table

The sweet table represents a “thank you”, it is the perfect ending to a usually perfect meal.
Whatever the hosts decide, guests are usually not disappointed. No one sweet table idea is better than the other. The sweet table options will surely be based on the styles and ideas the organizers think will work best for their guests, but that they too will love and remember. Every sweet table is a balance between creativity and good taste, an end to a perfect wedding party guests are not soon to forget.





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4 Wedding Traditions That Have Stood the Test of Time

The act of marriage is in itself a tradition which stems back thousands of years. It is meant to unite two people for life, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health. We have all heard the wedding vows, and the meaning behind these words is very powerful. Entire other posts can be written about vows….

But what other traditions have become an integral part of every wedding ceremony, and what is the meaning behind them?


Mariage PC-Montreal Wedding Boutique-Bridal Accessories


  • Let’s look at the ever so intimate yet public act of the removal and tossing of the garter belt…


This tradition dates back to the Dark Ages when wedding guests needed proof of the consummation of the marriage. So, not only were the bride and groom required to consummate their unity in front of “witnesses”, the groom was also required to provide proof by showing guests a piece of the bride’s under garment…. Only this would make the marriage official. The tradition changed over time, in our modern eyes, regressing, before it evolved. There was a time in history when guests would literally tear pieces of garment off the bride to “help” the groom on his way to the bedroom.

Thankfully, today, the removal and tossing of the garter belt has become a symbolic gesture. Surely, a tradition male guests except to participate in, but one that is now limited to a fun time, perhaps after having toasted the couple with a few drinks!


Mariage PC-Montreal Wedding Boutique-Toss The Bouquet

  1. The bouquet toss is in a way associated with the tossing of the garter.

These two actions are today also meant to pass on the “luck” of being touched by love. Historically, the bride would toss the bouquet to distract the guests from tearing at her dress… ha, how times have changed! In time, guests believed touching the bride would bring luck and good fortune, but often left the bride feeling uncomfortable.

The tradition of the bouquet-tossing today is meant to transfer that “luck” to an unmarried guest. It is expected and without a doubt the most highly awaited moment of the night for the ladies!

But where did the tradition of carrying a pretty smelling bouquet stem from? Well, we have all studied some history at a certain point, and one of the downsides of medieval times was the lack of personal hygiene…so, yes. The flowers and spices used at the time, were meant to mask odors on that special day. The tossing of the bouquet, that came out of necessity to run from the excited guests!


Mariage PC-Montreal Wedding Boutique- Wedding Confetti


  • The throwing of the confetti….


This tradition, which often leaves the bride and groom removing confetti from their clothes and hair throughout the day, is believed to originate in Roman times. The Romans used to throw grains and petals at the newlyweds as a symbol of fertility. The “grain” throwing evolved over time in Europe where guests would add money, rice, and candy to the mix. This custom is ultimately meant to wish the couple well, as well as to show the affection guests have for the newlyweds.

Nowadays concerns over environmental safety and cleaning have led certain cities and banquet halls to forbid this tradition, or at least replace the objects with more environmentally friendly options, like bird seeds, herbs, or larger easier to clean items like soap bubbles and balloons.


  • Not seeing the bride before the wedding


Perhaps, considering its origin, this tradition may be the one that made most sense. How much does physical attractiveness count for you when meeting and eventually marrying someone? Would you risk a major business deal simply because two individuals do not like each other?

Historically, marriages were seen mainly as business transactions, uniting families for the sake of wealth. Marriages were usually arranged, and the couple did not meet before the wedding ritual for fear that one or the other would not find their future mate attractive and not want to marry.

Today, the custom has more to do with superstition, and the bride not wanting the groom to see her until she is ready to be walked down the aisle.  Although marriages may still be arranged in some cultures, it is quite rare that the bride and groom not meet at all before the actual wedding ceremony.


Traditions last because they make people happy by tying them to their culture or to their family in a way other things may not. Although superstition may also enter the picture, the tradition of the wedding ceremony does not only hold the test of time, it is thanks to it that other traditions have stood their ground.


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How to Preserve Your Wedding Dress

Wedding dresses are a sentimental piece that can be passed down for generations to come. A wedding dress is one of the most important purchases that a woman can make, and is often one of the major expenses of a wedding. Once you’ve purchased your wedding dress at our Montreal wedding boutique, you must take special care of it must be taken to keep the dress in perfect condition. It’s not at all difficult to maintain the quality of your wedding. Here are a few simple things to keep in mind when it comes to hanging, storing, and cleaning the dress.

Hanging Your Wedding Dress

Wedding dress materials aren’t known for their strength and durability. Rips, split seams and/or other damages can be easily avoided by simply hanging your dress, properly. Hanging a wedding dress is different from hanging a regular dress. The weight of the wedding dress can easily rip or tear if used on a regular hanger. Instead, small loops of fabric sewn into the interior of the dress should be used to hang the gown safely. These loops are placed on the strongest seams in the gown. These offer sufficient support for the weight of the gown and avoids any possible damages. Only the professional services offered at our Montreal wedding boutique should occupy themselves with this task.

Cleaning Wedding Dresses

It may be a redundant statement to say that a wedding dress should be dry cleaned, but choosing a dry cleaner should be done carefully. Before picking a dry cleaner, make sure that they process all of their clothes on site and that they do their work by hand instead of using an automated system. Try to narrow down your search for dry cleaners that specialize in wedding dresses. This way, they are more familiar with the material especially if it’s intricately designed with beads or gems. Don’t be afraid to be picky about your dry cleaner! If you need help finding a reliable one, contact our Montreal wedding boutique at (514) 694-6382 for a step in the right direction. 

Wedding Dress Repairs

Being picky about your dry cleaner is one thing, now it’s time to be picky about your seamstress. Your seamstress should be familiar with the delicacy of a wedding dress, so you have no risk of potential damages. Some Montreal wedding boutiques will offer repair services for the dresses they sell. If not, make sure you have a professional seamstress in mind that can take on the task of properly repairing your wedding dress and will provide the utmost care and skill.

Preparing for Storage

Before you store a wedding dress, make sure that it is in the best possible condition so that it will remain that way until you are ready to take it out of storage. Check your wedding dress for any holes, tears, or imperfections, and make sure that it’s free of stains or discoloration. Set some time for inspection and look at the seams and any beadwork or decorations that are on the gown, as these are the most likely locations for unraveling and holes to appear. If necessary, take your wedding dress in for a cleaning. When you retrieve it from your cleaners, allow it to hang properly for at least two days and then you may place it in storage. Take the dress in for cleaning or repairs if necessary, and allow it to hang for at least one to two days after a cleaning before placing it into storage. This way, you can make sure that there is no chemical residue on your dress.

Storing a Wedding dress

Never store a dress in a plastic container or covered with a plastic bag. Plastic allows the release of chemicals that will turn your white wedding dress yellow. It may also make the dress more delicate and more prone to damages. Fold your dress carefully and place it into an acid-free storage box. These are sold specifically for wedding dresses. The wedding dress should be wrapped in fabric to protect it from the cardboard of the storage box. After that, place the box in a dry, cool area. Preferably where the heat and humidity stay consistent. Don’t ever store the box in the attic or basement.

Follow these simple precautions to save your dress for future generations or to keep it as a long-lasting memory. Following these steps will keep your wedding dress looking brand new for years to come.




This Montreal wedding boutique is equipped with everything you need to make your special day become a dream come true. We have a fully staffed team of professionals to help you with anything from dresses to reception suggestions. Call us now to book a consultation 514-694-6382

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