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COVID-19 Policies

Dearest clients,

We are truly living in unique times. The coronavirus pandemic is impacting everyone, from our families, to our businesses, and especially our medical professionals who brave the front lines. Above all else, our thoughts are with those affected by the virus, particularly those who are sick. We wish them a speedy recovery, and we remain inspired by our healthcare workers and others who are caring for people around the world.

As the situation continues to affect our world, we wanted to reach out and update you on how we’re supporting and protecting our employees, partners, our community, and you.

At present, all orders are arriving. When your dress arrives, the boutique will contact you with further information.

Regarding our boutique, we are slowly re-opening with a limited amount of scheduled bridal appointments per week.

Please note our new procedures:

• Upon your request for an appointment, we must ask you three questions over the phone asked of us by the government to ask all those we may come into contact with.

• If we are able to provide you with an appointment, you will be asked to choose a maximum of five styles (we will provide you with a website link on where to find the styles that we have in store) to try on in-store. This is so that we can make sure the dresses are properly sanitized ahead of time if need be. This is also to help us all save time as appointments are now limited to one and a half hours so that we have adequate time to sanitize in between bridal appointments.

• We will request that you bring one, only one, other person with you on the day of your appointment. This person will be the one to help you in and out of the wedding dresses that you will try on.

• Upon the day of your appointment, you and the person accompanying you to your appointment will be asked to bring a new pair of latex gloves, your own face mask (you both must have it on before entering our boutique), and a clean pair of socks (please note that you may not wear a pair that you wore on your way to the boutique) to wear during your appointment. Upon entering the boutique, we will also ask you both to sanitize your hands.

• We are known for our treats during appointments, but please note that we are no longer allowed to provide any type of food or beverage to our clientele. You and the person accompanying you will be allowed to bring your own bottle of water.

*Please note that your masks must be worn at all times.

• Due to Covid-19 health and safety procedures, we may only see so many brides per week. To help us serve you best, a $35 consultation fee applies per appointment – applicable upon arrival. The fee will be deducted from your balance should you end up saying yes to your dress.

We remain available by phone and email for all inquiries. Given the situation, please note that we are doing our best to answer all telephone, email, and social media queries in a timely manner.

At this moment, we’d like to thank you all for your understanding. We have always been transparent with our clients and will continue to do so. It is imperative that we take care of our people – and the communities they work in. We WILL get through this together. Lastly, we encourage you all to please practice social distancing so that you may all get married sooner than later.

Warmest regards,

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