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Frequently Asked Questions to help guide you in your search for your Wedding Dress
How long in advance must I order my bridal gown?
Although we have come through for many brides with tight timelines, it is best advised to schedule an appointment one year in advance. Dresses can take 6-8 months delivery time, and we must allow time for alterations. Please note that rush deliveries may be an available option for an additional cost.
What do I need to bring to my bridal appointment?
The only thing we would recommend is a supportive & honest duo to help you with your decision. In fact, for comfort & security reasons we recommend that the bride’s entourage consists of no more than two people. Please note that there is no need for shoes or specific undergarments during your trial.
May I take pictures or make videos while trying on gowns?
Although we do not allow photography nor videography in our boutique during your trial, you are welcome to take photos once you have purchased your gown.
If you have a family member that you would like to include in the process, please advise your consultant; we would love to include your loved ones via FaceTime.
What will my alterations cost?
Although we don’t have an in-house seamstress, our commitment to finding experienced & dedicated seamstresses to better serve our brides has always been on the forefront.
We will even arrange for your first fitting to be done in our boutique. We cannot determine in advance the price of altering your gown; This will all depend on the style, the fabric, beading & layering, and desired modifications. We can only suggest that alterations may vary between 500-750$, depending on the dress & what adjustments need to be made.  Keep in mind that extra fabrics for additional creations will be an added cost.
Please note that these are only estimates, and may be above or below the seamstresses parameters.
How many fittings will it take for my dress to fit perfectly?
After your first fitting, the seamstress will make an appointment with you for your next fitting, and take your dress back to her atelier to get started on the alterations.
The amount of fittings required will depend on the amount of work to be done to your gown; this can be affected by factors such as weight fluctuations, reconstructions & custom additions. Be sure to tell the seamstress exactly what you want to have done; if your dress is too tight or too loose, be sure to let her know. On the day of your next fitting appointment, we would recommend contacting the seamstress a few hours in advance, to ensure that she is running on schedule. Keeping in close communication with your seamstress, especially during peak seasons, will allow her the added time to work on your gown, and spare you the waiting time.