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Our Boutique


Our Boutique

Learn more about our family-owned boutique

Boutique de Mariage Punta Chiara is a family-owned and operated business approaching their 15th year in business. Originally located in Kirkland on St-Charles, on November 2014, the boutique moved to a beautiful grey-brick Victorian home built in 1899 located on Lakeshore Boulevard in Dorval.

Visit the boutique and you will be warmly welcomed into an elegant 19th century home. Boutique de Mariage Punta Chiara provides their clients with a most thoughtful, personalized service.

Our Boutique's History
The history of 677 Chemin Bord du Lac


In the summer of 1898, a summer visitor by the name of Walters bought a piece of land that stretched from Dorval Avenue to the Monette-Decary farm. He wanted to build a country home beside the lake. First he had to remove a house already standing there, so he put it up for sale.

Eusèbe Boyer, from St Laurent, bought it, and moved it eastward to 675 Lakeshore Drive, where it still stands. His wife, Josephine, Dufresne, joined him with their 12 children, six boys and six girls, among whom was Donalda, born in 1894.

Donalda went to school in the village and later to the old Savaria Academy in Lachine. One of her sisters was a nun with Les Filles de la Sagesse. Donalda worked as a nurse in Port Jefferson, New York and it was her sister’s example that inspired Donalda to become a nurse as well. Donalda entered the English Hospital in Hailybury, Ontario, as a student nurse. Donalda graduated in 1921.

A few years later, Donalda enrolled in the school of Social Hygiene at the University of Montreal, becoming an official Social Hygienist in 1929. Donalda studied dietetics at the Culinary Arts School of Montreal, and became a dietician in 1934.

Donalda quickly found work at the Metropolitan Insurance Company. Donalda travelled on the CPR trains to care for women, and children going to join men already settled on the Curé Labelle’s land in the Laurentians. Donalda returned to see her patients whenever she could, and made many, such journeys.

Donalda, than decided to settle in Dorval and was soon employed by the Town Council as Health Visitor to the school-age children of the Dorval School Commission.

In 1950, in collaboration with Dr. J. Fabien Parent, Donalda established a well-baby clinic in her home. The clinic then moved to the Parish hall in the village, and then to the basement of the Parish office.

Nurse Boyer was also a mid-wife. How many babies did she bring into the world? “I Have lost count”, she said. “There were the Reid, the Rousse, the Gouin, the Boyer, the Hebert, the Massie and many many others”.

Donalda had compassion, courage, presence of mind, gentleness and an unparalleled firmness in carrying out a required treatment.

Perfectly bilingual, Donalda quickly acquired a private clientele – rich or poor, black or white English or French, they were all the same to her.

Donalda went everywhere on her bicycle, but during the winters, the chief of police Damase Boyer (no relation) would drive her. Once a week, Donalda would take herself to the well-baby clinic in Ste-Genevieve and Senneville. At first on her bicycle, and later in her own car.

Donalda was a highly esteemed mid-wife at the Maternity Home of St-Agnes in Lachine, for several years. Later, Donalda became a member of the Victoria Order of Nurses. Donalda gave courses in first aid, home nursing and pre-natal care.

At 80 years of age, Donalda was greatly distressed to be denied her driving license, and to have to sell her car.

Garde Boyer died in Dorval on October 18th, 1979 at 85 years of age.

“As a businesswoman, I am honoured to know that this pioneer’s dedication and strength has paved the way for women to have dreams and choices.”

Achievements & Recognitions
Our boutique's achievements and recognitions throughout the years

At Punta Chiara we are very proud of our accomplishments. In our 15 years of operation we have been recognized in several ways and have achieved many of our wildest dreams.

Beyond dressing many well-known Montrealers and international celebrities, our boutique has been recognized by Montreal’s West Island Chamber of Commerce in 2007, receiving the award for best “Retail Service”. The boutique was featured on a season of Canal V’s “La Boss des Noces” in 2011 and in the Spring/Summer issues of Wedding Bells and Hawaiian Bride in 2012.