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The Ultimate Sweet Table Inspirations

It is not the case for all weddings, but many banquets follow the meal with a full spread dessert table, some going as far as being described as “ultimate sweet table experiences”. Sweet tables often include the wedding cake but are certainly not limited to it. Recent more trendy options have presented guests with supremely decorated luxury cupcakes, jello designs, and anything sweet on a stick. The creative genius of pastry chefs, restaurateurs and event planners can be bountiful and unlimited.

How to break-down sweet table types? Classic to post-modern? By theme or Season? Let’s find out!
Let’s look at the most popular options in recent years

The classic sweet table

The classic sweet table will always have the wedding cake as the main attraction for guests, and the cake itself is probably the most anticipated part of the banquet. What theme have the bride and groom chosen? Who baked the cake? What flavor is it? It is a mystery until the very end…

A classic sweet table usually includes cupcakes, a variety of cookies, and perhaps chocolates, in theme with the cake itself. We’ve seen classic butter cookies in the shape of hearts or mini cakes, as well as cookies initialized with the names of the bride and groom; and how about those traditional rounded almond cookies with sprinkles? Always adding to the festive mood of the party…..

Classic sweet tables tend to be more subdued, and the colors chosen by the hosts are in-line with a more traditional and elegant setting.

Did you know that traditionally guests would contribute to the sweet table by bringing homemade desserts for the bride and groom, and in some cultures, this is still the case? This can certainly be an idea for a more rustic themed wedding! Having honored guests actively participating in one of the most highly awaited time of the banquet will surely make them feel special!


The modern sweet table

What is the main difference between the classic and the modern-type sweet table at a wedding banquet? Perhaps a little bit of spunk!
These are just a couple of ideas guests have to look forward to…

  • a colorful setting
  • candy options, including gummies and skewered candy presentations, set up as a candy bar
  • and why not…jello shots

The modern sweet table will have guests awing at its alternative dessert options and vibrant colors. It can be bold and bright, unique and enticing.
What follows modern?


The post-modern dessert table

What do you think of when you read “post-modern”? Do most people even know what it means? Today, the term postmodern is used to define a change in the way people think. So why not present the honored guests with alternative options to the common desserts they are used to? Give the sweet table a twist…

The post-modern dessert table is inspired by deconstruction, or more specifically, deconstructed desserts. Yup, get your guests to prepare their own favorite sweets by providing them with the ingredients and NOT the finished product.

Some options can include the deconstructed:

  • tiramisu (soft cookies, mascarpone cheese, coffee, chocolate shards)
  • parfait (yogurt, fresh and dried fruit, cereal, whip cream, edible flowers)
  • layered cake (different flavored cake layers, mixed toppings, mixed frosting)

This is certainly an original and fun way for guests to choose their favorite ingredients and come up with original alternatives to classic desserts. After all, who says you can’t add coffee to a parfait, or dried fruit to a tiramisu?


There are of course other ways a sweet table can be classified

Recent options have included themes inspired by pop culture. Tables have been influenced by shows like Game of Thrones, or Harry Potter, as well as taken example from Lego or Disney, for the young at heart.
Dessert tables can be color coordinated, set-up with flowers, or inspired by a Season. How amazing would a “winter wonderland” themed sweet table look? Or a “spring” table flooded with edible flowers guests can add to their dessert options?


There certainly are many options for a sweet table

The sweet table represents a “thank you”, it is the perfect ending to a usually perfect meal.
Whatever the hosts decide, guests are usually not disappointed. No one sweet table idea is better than the other. The sweet table options will surely be based on the styles and ideas the organizers think will work best for their guests, but that they too will love and remember. Every sweet table is a balance between creativity and good taste, an end to a perfect wedding party guests are not soon to forget.





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