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Wedding Prep 101: 11 Things Every Bride To-Be Must Do

Every married woman knows and understands the challenges of organizing the perfect wedding. An infinite list of dos and don’ts. Deciding with your finacé where and when the wedding should be held, the guest list…and more.

Begin by deciding if you will need help planning your dream day. Will you be taking on this majestic task on your own, or will you enlist the help of friends or a wedding planner?

This post will hopefully help the bride and groom-to-be put things into perspective and start a personal to-do list, ideally 6-8 months before the actual day.

Figure out your budget

Most brides dream of having the fairytale wedding, but the reality is many couples cannot afford all the frills. A perfect wedding is possible on a small budget, you just have to establish what that budget is and work from there. Traditionally, guests may contribute to the cost by giving money as a wedding gift.

Choose a date

Choosing a date and working towards realizing the perfect day leading up to that point is the next step. It’s is not as easy as it sounds because many things have to be taken into consideration: time-off work, availability of venues and important guests.

Choose and reserve venues for the ceremony and the reception

Number 2 and 3 may go hand in hand because the date can depend on the availability of the venues, but once this is done important factors have to be taken into consideration:

  • Ensuring the venue can also provide a rehearsal dinner
  • Is it easy for your guests to get to the venue?
  • Is there a hotel nearby you and your guests can stay at overnight?
  • Will the venue provide a catering service (ie wedding cake and desserts included)?
  • Will you have a religious or civil ceremony?

Prepare a guest list

Depending on your budget, the number of guests you choose to invite will vary. If the wedding is a traditional one, odds are, parents will have a lot to say about the invitees. If you have friends and family that have already organized a wedding, asking for their guest lists can help with a headache.


Life can be so busy these days, and once you have taken the time to prepare a guest list and set a date you will want people to know right away. Some have cards or fridge magnets prepared to mail off, but sometimes it is as simple as sending an email or a text. Other options can be doing it through an app, like this Save the Date App. Others may even set up wedding websites with all the info guests need to be aware of for the big event.

Choose your wedding party

Choosing the maid of honor and bride’s maids can be daunting. Perhaps less so for the groom in choosing the best man. For the bride, the choice is never easy. Will it be a sister, sister-in-law, or a best friend?

Will you have a registry?

Some truly underestimate the importance of a gift registry. Chances are you are no longer living with your parents, or are already living with your spouse-to-be. In this case, your home is already furnished. So unless you want to receive additional crystal cups and another set of plates you don’t need or like….please set up a registry. A good idea is to set up registries in at least 2 stores to give your guests a better choice.

Order, prepare and send out invitations

Like the save-the-date options, you can either send out traditional invitations through the mail or opt for an e-vite! Whatever option you choose will influence your budget, and e-vites can be really elegant and innovative as well.

Book all you need

  • Don’t wait too long before the big day to book hair and makeup appointments as you will definitely want to try beforehand what you like or don’t like.
  • You will also want to pick out flowers and decorations for the venues if the reception hall does not provide this service.
  • You should choose a wedding cake and party favors/welcome baskets for guests

Dresses and suits for the wedding party, bride, and groom

What is a wedding without a wedding dress? Tastes will vary of course, but you will still want to wear something truly special on that day. It is a much longer process than one would expect, and you may not find the perfect dress(es) at the first store you visit. You will also have to take into consideration fittings, and searching for the perfect accessories. Specialty boutiques like Boutique de Mariage Punta Chiara in Montreal can certainly help and will be more than happy to give the wedding party all the guidance they need in the process.

The honeymoon

Last but definitely not least is the ever so awaited honeymoon. There are many options to consider when planning a getaway, including if you want to have one at all. Some decide to take time off and simply enjoy their time at home for the first time as a married couple.  Others prefer planning the dream vacation and traveling to Europe or Asia for an extended time.  An alternative for many couples is organizing destination weddings and enjoying the after party with guests, by integrating their honeymoon in the process.

Organizing a wedding is not a simple task. There are a multitude of things to plan and consider. Planning ahead will reduce stress leading up to the wedding and ensure that every aspect runs just as you planned it.





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